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Explore Bali's Canggu Area

Updated: May 15

Canggu is known for its laidback and hipster atmosphere! Gorgeous beach clubs line the shore creating the perfect ambiance to spend the whole day. As the sun goes down Canggu offers an amazing night life scene for party goers. Canggu caters more towards western eateries and cafes that offer delicious healthy based food. Tanah Lot Temple and the black sand at Echo Beach are must sees while in the Canggu area.

@ Echo Beach


Uber and Lyft are not available in Bali, the island has its own form of ride share called Grab. We used this form of transportation a lot while in Bali. It is direct, reliable, and cheap! Please be aware that some areas do not allow you to be picked up from certain locations. Also be aware if you are dropped off in a more remote area you might not be able to get a Grab back!

For example, we were dropped off at Tanah Lot Temple by Grab and the driver informed us that Grab vehicles are not allowed to pick up from this location. Luckily, we were in a popular area and Taxi's were readily available.


The most cost effective way to travel around Bali is by scooter! Average pricing for a 24hr rental should be 50,000 IDR ($3). Feel free to barter! It is recommended to ask your accommodation on who to hire from to avoid people who are out to scam you.

It is a legal requirement in Bali to have an International Driving Permit. Although, vendors do not check for this and most people renting scooters do not have this permit. If you do happen to get pulled over by police without an IDP you may be subject to fine or possible arrest.

If there was a place to rent a scooter in Bali, it would be Canggu! I felt it was the least trafficked area and relatively flat. A word of caution. Wear a helmet! Don't drive over sandy areas especially while turning. The wheels will slide out from under you! I can't tell you how many tourists I saw wipe out.


Boutique, picturesque eateries will entice any palate catering to vegans and meat lovers alike! You'll find more western styled food compared to local Balinese cuisine. Canggu offers almost unlimited options when it comes to choosing somewhere to eat but here are a few of my favorite restaurants!

Stop in for breakfast at Copenhagen! An adorable cafe with endless coffee options, fresh bread and adorable atmosphere.

@ Copenhagen

For lunch visit La Brisa at Echo Beach! An amazing beach club that offers locally sourced food and radiates balinese character within its design. Spend the afternoon here for a vibrant day at the beach.

@ La Brisa

Eat at Penny Lane! A posh venue for exciting cocktails and good eats. This restaurant has an outstanding atmosphere that screams take a picture!

@ Penny Lane


Tanah Lot is a beautiful temple and a must see while in Bali! The entrance fee is 20,000 IDR ($1.50) per person. This temple does not require you to wear a sarong like other temples in Bali. It is a popular destination and the main areas are crowded. Be prepared to walk around and explore the whole area!

We came across a path going upwards and found ourselves away from the crowds on a beautiful lanai with sea views! We were greeted by a friendly waitress who offered us Bin Tang beer. If you continue along the path it brings you to a gorgeous viewpoint overlooking a black sand beach.

As mentioned previously Grab vehicles are not allowed to pick up from Tanah Lot. Cabs are readily available to take you to your next destination.

@ Tanah Lot Temple


This popular beach is for surfers, loungers, and sunset lovers! A huge benefit to visiting Echo Beach is a less crowded experience than if you were to go to Canggu's main beach Batu Bolong. La Brisa Beach Club is another great reason to visit offering great vibes, cocktails, and food until 10PM.

@ Echo Beach

Dear Traveler,

I hope this article inspires you to visit Canggu, Bali! There is so many vibrant restaurants, boutiques, and hidden gems to discover. Comment below and share your thoughts on Canggu!

Talk to you soon,

Corlu xo

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