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How to Download Mobile Presets

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Step by step instructions on how to download Mobile presets purchased for Lightroom App.

The Southwestern Preset Collection is now available! Inspired by our trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Created for desert and southwestern environments.

A confirmation email of your purchase will be emailed to you immediately with a download link. Click Download. You will be directed to “Do you want to download Southwest Preset”? Click Download.

In the top right hand corner the file will start to download.

Click the arrow and the Zip file will appear. Click Southwest Preset Collection in drop down. The Zip file can now be located in the “Downloads” section in your Files.

You will be directed to the “downloads” section in your files app. Tap the “Southwest Preset Collection Zip file” once. It will make a separate folder automatically. Click the Folder Southwest Preset. You will see the 6 presets located in the folder.

Go to the top right hand corner and Click the 3 dot icon.

Tap Select. Select all files.

At the bottom left hand corner Click the Arrow to send files. Scroll until you see LIGHTROOM APP. Click to Send.

*If the app is not readily present Select More and Click Lightroom from listed apps.

A prompt will pop up. Select “Launch Lightroom Now”. The Lightroom App will now open and the preset pictures will now show as DNG.

For each of the 6 pictures follow these steps. Click a photo labeled DNG.

Click the 3 dot Icon located on the top Right Corner. Click Create Preset. Give your preset a unique name or stick to the theme of the collection. Tap the check mark in the top right corner. Make sure the drop down bar is set to User Presets. That is where your preset will be saved.

Your Preset is now available.

Click the preset icon on the lower taskbar. Scroll down to the name you chose for your preset. It is now saved and ready to be applied on any of your photos.

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