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Where to Eat in Tulum: A Culinary Guide

Tulum, Mexico is a global foodie hotspot and I'm here to take you on a culinary adventure! When it comes to deciding on where to eat in Tulum, you'll have plenty of options. Whether you're into authentic Mexican dishes, fresh seafood, or plant-based delights, Tulum has it all. Get ready to explore these fantastic eateries in this vibrant coastal town as we guide you on a delicious journey through Tulum's best restaurants!

Gitano Tulum: This unique restaurant is a hidden garden oasis with a unique cantina-style atmosphere and amazing Mexican cuisine.

Tulum Mexico best places to eat

Hartwood: This rustic, open-air restaurant is renowned for its fresh seafood platters and wood-fired dishes prepared over an outdoor grill.

best places to eat in Tulum

La Zebra: Nestled in the heart of Tulum’s beach scene, La Zebra offers beachfront dining with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea and delectable beach-inspired dishes.

where to eat in Tulum Mexico

Liefs: This adorable outdoor eatery specializes in delicious vegan meals that are prepared in Liefs signature green van! We aren't vegan but not against trying new things and it was the perfect place to stop for brunch in Tulum. The coffee was to die for and the meal was filling and super yummy, highly recommend!

best place to eat in Tulum for vegetarians

El Rincon Tulum: Closer to Tulum Center and perfect for anyone looking for an authentic Mexican meal that won't break the bank. We ate our wonderful meal in their gorgeous courtyard with a margarita in hand and the restaurant staff was so accommodating!

Where to eat in Tulum for authentic Mexican food

Funky Burrito: The perfect place for a fun night out for drinks and dancing! The Funky Burrito screams take a picture with their fun neon signs and many led lights. Sit at the bar where they have swing seats and indulge in one of their signature mixed cocktails. They serve Mexican classics such as burritos and quesadillas and even offer hookah!

best place to eat in Tulum for nightlife and food

We've shared the best places to dine and savor the flavors of Tulum. But our journey doesn't stop here! Don't forget to explore other blog posts on Tulum, where we'll dive deeper into the secrets and wonders of this beautiful destination.

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