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Best of Bali Waterfalls

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Ubud Area- Tibumana, Wisata Air Terjun Kanto Lampo, Tukad Cepung

Day 3 in Bali

@ Tibumana Waterfall

I did not book a tour. I hired a private driver for the day. I did some research through Trip Advisor and found a recommended driver looking through the comments. His name was Edy and we contacted him through an application you can download on your phone called WhatsApp. The app allows you to text foreign numbers without fees. I explained through text what I had planned for our day and asked if he’d be willing to take us! We then negotiated a price of $50 USD for 10 hours of service. When the time came I texted him through WhatsApp just to confirm once more. He was very responsive!

If you would like to hire him here is his contact information through WhatsApp: Edy Driver +62 813-3982-0879

Each waterfall we went to had an entrance fee of 15.000 IDR per person ($2 USD). We were there early enough to beat the crowd; only 5 couples or so were there. Edy took pictures of us and was the perfect photographer! At Tibumana waterfall you can not swim.

@ Wisata Air Terjun Kanto Lampo

Wisata Air Terjun Kanto Lampo is another great waterfall definitely worth seeing! You can swim here, but the water was murky and rocky.

We stopped for lunch at this place called Warung D’Yoni. We asked Edy if he would like some money for lunch but refused. We just added that extra money into his tip at the end of the day.

The place was so cool! It had tables set up on long balcony with an amazing view of the jungle! The food was fantastic, the scenery was beautiful and the restaurant had moderate pricing. We each had Chicken Satay, a go to meal for us throughout our stay in Bali.

@ Tukad Cepung

Our 3rd stop was Tukad Cepung! This waterfall was something special located down in a cave. You have to walk through a river that’s about ankle deep, but can get up to your knees in some parts. Water shoes for the win!

This place was crowded! We had to wait on line in knee deep water to get a picture under the waterfall. The pictures we got from this waterfall are framed and hanging on my wall. They are some of my favorites of Luke and I. This place is magical and nothing like anything I’ve seen before. It’s no wonder it’s a popular tourist destination. A must see!

@ Tukad Cepung

The last waterfall we visited our driver had never heard of before, but took us anyway. We did still have to pay an entrance fee to enter (15.000 IDR per person). The locals told our driver in Balinese that not many tourists come here and asked how we found this place.

Always ask if it’s okay to swim, you just don’t know and YES you can swim! Many stairs brought us to a waterfall spewing straight down from a high stone slated cliff into a pool of water. We had this waterfall all to ourselves. Priceless!

It was just Luke and I for hours. We spent our time sunbathing on rocks and swimming in our private little waterfall hole. It was quite romantic eating our protein bars, sitting in silence together listening to nothing but the sound of the falls, and the singing of the jungle.

As we climbed back up the stairs to leave, we finally saw a group of local teenagers with a cooler making their way down. For them the name and location will be kept a secret for the sake of keeping things just the way they are. So the locals can keep there hangout spot untouched by the hoards of tourists for just a little while longer. I'm grateful to have experienced it unchanged.

We stayed in a hotel called Jungle Bali Huts in the Ubud area. It was $20 USD. I booked it through We couldn’t see where the road led from the entrance and the area was remote. I was wary of the way the entrance looked, but I was welcomed to a gorgeous scene!

The lobby was open air and the jungle huts were high up separated enough from one another to where you feel like it's just you. Down from the lobby was a gorgeous infinity pool overlooking a river at the bottom and the green dense jungle. To get to the rooms you have to climb many stairs with your luggage. The room was very minimal, just a room with a fan (no A/C), mosquito net, and the bed on the floor. It had a porch looking out into the jungle! The bathroom was detached from the room, but it was your own private bathroom. It was very clean and the plumbing worked just fine! The hotel had about 5 other guests that we saw staying there. The pool was clean, gorgeous, and just what we needed after our sweaty waterfall adventure! We had dinner at the hotel since the area around was very remote. The menu was limited. Nothing fancy, but it was good, cheap, and filled us up!

We slept like babies and woke up in our jungle sanctuary for a free breakfast. Which was even more simple than our dinner. Toast with jam, fruit, an egg, and coffee. But what more do you really need?

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