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Eat, Pray, Love in Uluwatu

Updated: May 15, 2023

Padang Padang Beach

Day 6 in Bali

Uluwatu is about a 45 minute drive from Denpasar, but make sure to account for at least an hour of traffic into your travel time.

We made it to Padang Padang beach! This beach was featured in the movie Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts! The beach is now famous because of this film. Our Grab driver told us not too many tourists knew of this beach before the movie, but now it’s a must see destination.

You do have to pay a small entrance fee (15.000 IDR) totally worth it. To get down to the beach, climb down plenty of well kept stairs between narrow walls of rock on each side of you. The beach’s beauty is unmatched! No wonder they filmed the “love” part of the movie here. It is beyond gorgeous! The sand is white and the water is a crystal clear bluish green. We finally found the pristine Indian Ocean beach we’ve been searching for.

The beach was obviously bustling with people, but it was expected. We found an empty umbrella. (No chairs) Make sure you bring your own towels and sunscreen with you here. We were wondering why most were empty, it’s because the locals charge. 100K IDR per person ($12 USD). You get the umbrella for the whole day! I tend to sun burn very easily and the sun was strong. The beach offers surf lessons. The break was pretty far off the shoreline and it was a pleasure watching the groups surf. The rocky scenery definitely calls for photo shoots.

There was a snack stand! A man was cooking and a woman was taking orders for quite a large amount of people. They had a menu, which was limited.

There are monkeys here by the food stand just waiting for you to turn your head to snatch your snack right out of your hands.

Grab does not come to Padang Padang beach to pick you up! We got dropped off but no pick-ups allowed. A few taxis were trying to charge us an unseen amount of money to go a very short distance. We decided to walk.

A man on a scooter stopped us on the side of the road and offered to take us for a much more reasonable price. There’s me and my fiance Luke hanging on to this grown Balinese man, who wasn’t so small himself, on this little scooter. It was fun, spontaneous, and we made it back safely!

We walked from our hotel to Sunset Point. Sunset point is an outdoor bar with an amazing view of the ocean. As it became more dark the place started to get a crowd and the music was turned up. If you wanted to party this would be a great spot to do it!

Walking back to our Hotel we stumbled across Mike’s Kitchen. We sat down and the chef came out to introduce himself personally. He offered us a free light appetizer before our meal! My fiance ordered BBQ ribs and fries. I tried the fish in a wine sauce with pico de gallo over rice. It was such a clean, refreshing meal, and one of my favorites while in Bali. We walked back to our hotel with our bellies full and our hearts warm. It is our last day in Bali tomorrow. Bali Day 7: Ship Wrecked At Suluban Beach

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