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Exploring Ubud

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Kumulilir Coffee Plantation , Tegalalang Rice Fields, Goa Gajah Temple, & Sacred Monkey Forest

Day 4 in Bali

We hired our driver Edy again for $50 USD for the whole day. He dropped us off at Kumulilir, a Luwak coffee plantation. We were taught how the coffee beans are made and processed. Each cup of Luwak coffee is 70.000 IDR ($4.70 USD). So we only ordered one to try in case we didn’t like it. They brought out an assortment of other coffees and teas that were FREE, included with the purchase of a cup of Luwak Coffee.

Always remember TIP. I felt like I was robbing this place for how cheap this experience was. Only $4.70 for the cup of coffee everything else was included. They seated us overlooking the jungle and we ate our little cookies that were served with our spread of samples and enjoyed the view! Kumulilir has a swing where you could pay an extra 250.000 IDR ($15 USD). There was another photo option where we sat in a bird's nest settled hanging over the jungle and a rope bridge that we took photos on for free.

Edy dropped us off at Tegalalang Rice Fields. You need to pay an entrance fee here of 15.000 IDR per person ($1 USD). If you are parking a vehicle you'll be charged 5.000 IDR to park.

The rice fields are gorgeous and a must see while in Bali. So lush and green! It was very hot on the day we went and we were sweating our booties off with all of the walking around. We got some great photos here!

Goa Gajah is one of the oldest temples in Bali, that is why it appealed to me. You are required to pay an entrance fee of 15.000 IDR per person ($1 USD) and it is custom that you wear a sarong to cover your legs. Many women outside of the temple will be trying to sell you sarongs, but the temple supplies them free at the entrance. You do not need to purchase any beforehand if you don't want to.

We roamed around the beautiful scenery and snacked on fresh coconut. We entered a sacred cave with only one way in, one way out. It was very small, dark, and lit only with candles and incense.

We received a blessing from the Pemangku of the temple. He ran holy water through our hair and preyed over us. He then placed rice on our foreheads and put a flower behind our ear completing the ceremony. In Balinese Hinduism rice on your forehead symbolizes a 3rd eye to thank the Gods for rice and life. While we were here we couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and happiness. If it were not for Edy we would not have been allowed to experience the blessing of the Pemangku. Edy took this temple very seriously and we could tell he was proud of his religion. We were lucky to have such a generous guide to teach us about his culture and traditions.

We stopped at a Balinese BBQ restaurant. Again, Edy would not take our money for lunch so we just added it to his tip at the end of the day. The food was great and the price was moderate. I had a huge chicken leg with rice! The view was great with lush green paddy fields seeming to go on forever.

Edy dropped us off at The Sacred Monkey Forest. The monkeys were cute and all over the place. The park was packed with people. Many people were bitten by the monkeys here. They were either trying to hold them or got too close. The forest does have many park attendants working and are trained in simple first aid. Do not bring any outside food. The monkeys like to go through backpacks (yes, they can unzip them) and steal cell phones, sunglasses, etc. Just make sure you are paying attention and keep anything of value close to you. I had my phone out the majority of the time taking pictures and filming, but I refused to get close enough for any stealing to happen.

Edy dropped us off at our hotel back in Kuta and we finally had a relaxing day ahead of us tomorrow. Bali Day 5: Relax At Bali Beach Clubs

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