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Day Trip to Nusa Penida Island

Updated: Apr 7

Nusa Penida is an ultimate adventure travel destination just off the coast of Bali, Indonesia. If you are traveling to Bali I highly recommend taking a day trip to Nusa Penida Island. While there you'll have the opportunity to snorkel with Manta Rays and visit the most iconic sites of the Island, Kelingking Beach, Angels Billabong, and Broken Beach!


We booked a tour in advance through Smile Nusa Penida and chose the Nusa Penida (West) + Snorkeling Tour. Which included Hotel pick up/drop off, a public speedboat ride to and from the island, lunch, snorkeling, and a guided tour of the island.

The company was very responsive and they did not ask for prepayment or a deposit. They simply asked us to bring the total sum in cash (Indonesian Currency) and it would be collected once we received our boat tickets on the day of our tour. This is one of our most expensive days in Bali for just $65 per person!

If I were to do it all again, I would most likely opt for a more luxurious and private experience such as a private boat and land tour!

Bali's most famous landmarks
@ The Famous Kelingking Beach

We had to be ready for pick up at 6:00AM at our Hotel where a man in a van greeted us from the company. He drove us to Sanur Harbor where he collected our payment in IDR cash and gave us our boat tickets.

Getting onto the boat was not necessarily easy. There was no pier, the boat was tied to the shoreline and we had to climb down onto the beach over rocks that acted as dunes. They were collecting shoes in large baskets, since you had to walk into the water to get onto the boat. You get wet! We were on the speedboat with about 40 people, every seat on the ferry was taken, and we were squished. The ride was about 30 minutes long. So it wasn’t an awful amount of time to spend cramped up. If you were thinking about going and are handicapped or a senior citizen, it may be more difficult to access the boat.


There was a pier once we reached Nusa Penida Island so we didn't have to get into the water again. A different man was waiting for us right off the pier from our company and handed out snorkeling gear to a group of us. We then got onto a smaller boat with about 15 people and were on our way to Manta Bay!

Manta Bay's water is naturally on the colder side due to the currents of the Indian Ocean but don't worry. You'll be too excited from seeing a Manta to even notice how cold the water is! The Manta Rays are giant, majestic and peaceful. It felt like a dream to be able to swim with them!

We went to two other snorkeling spots on our tour. At our next destination the water was much warmer and shallow. The water was clear and you could see the coral reef and the beautiful fish.


Once on shore we returned our snorkel gear and were off on another adventure with another man with a van. This time it was just Luke and I and our new guide brought us to a local restaurant where we had lunch. It was a simple chicken and rice served Bali style with a drink of your choice.

Make sure to bring a change of clothes with you and be aware that most places on this island don't have modern plumbing systems. I walk in the restroom and there is a hole in tiled floor that was wet. Of course I had to bring cute flowy maxi pants that touch the floor. I tried my best not to touch anything or get my pants wet, it was a moderate success. We were thankful our tummies were full and that our van was air conditioned we soon arrived at the stunning Kelingking Beach!


Kelingking Beach is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen! It is the landmark of the Island and is a must see while visiting Bali. The only downside to this location was the amount of people here. Unlike the pictures you see on social media it is a true Instagram vs reality destination. We happily waited in line to take pictures at the famous photo spots, how could you not? Anywhere as beautiful as this place you can expect to see a crowd!


Angel's Billabong, another WOW for your eye holes! So many colors of blue in this shallow pool between rocks. The ocean crashes in and then the pool settles again. This place was crowded also but not nearly as crowded as Kelingking. Our guide was the best, acting as our own personal photographer bringing us to the best viewpoints for the best pictures!

Most famous spots in Bali angels billabong
@ Angels Billabong


Broken Beach which was just a short walk from Angels Billabong. Another gorgeous location, but it was very windy here when we visited. I highly recommend taking a walk over the natural bridge to enjoy the sights.

Most Famous sights in Bali
@ Broken Beach

The ferry ride back to the mainland wasn't as crowded as it was arriving which was a relief! Once we reached Sunar Harbor we were greeted by another man waiting to drive us back to our hotel. It was a long day, but so worth it!


On our trip to Bali we visited in 2019 so it's safe to assume Nusa Penida has most likely grown a bit since our time there. When we visited the Island it was very remote and under a lot of construction with mostly dirt roads. The roads are very mountainous and steep and we saw many tourists who had fallen on scooters. We were originally thinking about spending a night on the island and were happy we didn’t since there wasn't much there at the time as far as accommodation or restaurants. Is Nusa Penida worth visiting? In short, yes! Nusa Penida is a must see for its beautiful remote beaches, spectacular mountainous coastline, and Manta Ray experience!

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