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Essential Guide to Renting a Scooter in Bali: Tips and Safety Advice

Exploring Bali on a scooter is the most cost-effective and thrilling way to see the island. With rental prices ranging from $6 to $15 per day, you can navigate through Bali's scenic routes at your own pace. Don't hesitate to negotiate the price—bargaining is common here! To ensure a reliable rental experience, it's wise to ask your hotel or guesthouse for recommended rental agencies. This approach helps you avoid scams and secure a quality scooter.

How to rent a scooter in Bali


While it's not mandatory to have insurance to rent a scooter in Bali, it's highly recommended to use a credit card that includes insurance coverage or to purchase travel insurance in advance. Traveling with no insurance is risky business and you're probably thinking 'nothing bad will happen', but it's better to have insurance then no insurance if things go south, especially if you plan to rent a scooter in Bali. Accidents can happen, and with Bali's economy still recovering post-Covid, incidents like theft have become more common. Make sure your insurance covers scooter rentals and includes theft protection to safeguard your trip.



It is a legal requirement in Bali to have an International Driving Permit. Although, vendors do not check for this and most people renting scooters do not have this permit. If you do happen to get pulled over by police without an IDP you may be subject to fines or possible arrest. Let's be honest, if you get pulled over in general you'll still most likely have to pay a fine, but it won't be as large if you have an IDP! Most importantly, if you do not have an International Driving Permit your travel insurance will be invalid!



If you're not experienced with scooters or motorcycles, Bali might not be the best place to start learning. The island is known for its congested roads and relaxed traffic regulations, making it challenging for beginners. However, for those new to scooting and eager to learn, I highly recommend taking a scooter lesson! It not only teaches you how to safely operate a scooter but also lets you practice in a controlled and less trafficked environment. This is a wonderful opportunity to build your confidence before hitting the busier streets of Bali.

For those who are confident riders, Canggu offers a more relaxed environment with less traffic and flat terrains, making it an ideal location for renting and riding a scooter. Whether you're a beginner needing lessons or an experienced rider looking to explore, Canggu has something for everyone.



  • Wear a helmet at all times. This is non-negotiable for your safety.

  • Avoid renting old or poorly maintained scooters. Always opt for well-kept scooters to ensure safety and reliability.

  • Be cautious of sandy areas, especially when turning, as this can cause the scooter to slide.

  • Watch out for stationary cars. Be mindful of parked cars and those in traffic; doors can open suddenly and cause accidents.

By following these guidelines, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable scooter experience in Bali.

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I hope this guide helps you navigate the ins and outs of renting a scooter in Bali safely and enjoyably. For more detailed guides and insider tips on making the most of your Bali adventure, be sure to check out my Ultimate 7 Day Bali Itinerary. From hidden gems to must-visit spots, this itinerary is packed with everything you need to know before visiting Bali to create unforgettable memories!

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