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Plan the Perfect Scottsdale Bachelorette Party - From a Maid of Honor's POV!

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Look no further you've found the perfect destination to throw your bachelorette party! Scottsdale, Arizona offers outdoor activities, trendy restaurants and nightlife like I've never seen! When it came to planning my little sister's bachelorette for 12 girls I thought I was in for a whirlwind. Turns out Scottsdale is a top bachelorette destination! The local vendors know how to cater to large parties so making restaurant reservations and coordinating activities was easier than expected.

As Maid of Honor, I will be sharing how to plan the most epic bachelorette weekend in Scottsdale! Let's get this party started with the best brunch spots, nightlife in Old Town, group activities and how to take a private pool party to the next level! This Bach was one of the best I've been to (and I'm not just saying that)!

Arizona desert cactus
Saguaro Cactus


When picking a place to stay in Scottsdale the most important thing is location! Make sure your accommodation is only a few minutes from all the action in Old Town. Finding an accommodation for such a large group and have it align with everyone's budget was the hardest part when planning this trip!

Best Airbnb in Scottsdale for a bachelorette party
bride to be!

We decided to stay in an Air bnb for a long weekend in October, Friday-Monday. The house was a little more then what we wanted to spend but my sister really wanted the house to be nice! I personally feel the price was great for the caliber of house. It featured a pool with a lovely outdoor space and each girl had their own bed! We were only a few minutes Uber to the bars and restaurants in Old Town making it the perfect location.

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU FIRST FLY INTO SCOTTSDALE: Twelve girls all flying in from different places at different times and the Airbnb check-in time was 4PM, yikes! I landed super early since the airline switched my departure time to the first flight out in the morning so I booked a day use room at the Doubletree by Hilton. Check-in was 10AM checkout was 6PM. I arrived at the hotel around 9AM and they were able to give me a room right away! I was able to take a nap and waited for the girls to start showing up. We hung out by the pool bar, had drinks and food while our luggage was safe in the hotel room. This was a great home base for a good 6 hours. It cost me $120 for the room and I'd do it again just for the convenience!

Doubletree by Hilton Scottsdale Hotel
@ Doubletree by Hilton


Farm & Craft is an adorable spot to grab brunch in Scottsdale and most importantly affordable. Our server immediately knew we were there for a special occasion and brought the good vibes offering a shot on the house for the bride. Their menu truly caters to everyone including vegans!

Arcadia Farms is another great spot in Downtown Scottsdale to get brunch! This rustic boutique restaurant serves breakfast classics and New American dishes. Since we were in a rush to get to our horse back riding reservation on Sunday morning we did not have a sit down brunch here but ordered ham and cheese croissants and cinnamon rolls from their Marketplace! I placed an order for our baked goods in advance for pick up and figured the girls would want to eat something quick at the house before heading out. It made for a more relaxed morning giving us time to nurse our hangovers and get ready for the day.


The corner of East Indian Plaza and North Saddlebag Trail is a block dedicated to Nightclubs! Once dropped off you can easily walk to the next club or bar. Every city should have a block like this, it was beyond fun!

Our group couldn't decide on a particular club so we decided not to book a table with bottle service. We didn't want to feel obligated to stay at one nightclub and rather bounce around to different ones. We definitely made the right call and were so happy we didn't book a table.

We personally went to Dierks Bently's Whiskey Row and Riot House.

Best Clubs in Scottsdale
@ Riot House

Dierks Bently's Whiskey Row: A very popular nightclub that plays country music and a good variety of classic jams. We waited in line here for about 10 minutes in the beginning of the night around 10PM and stayed here for 2 hours and danced our butts off! We then decided to move on to a different place.

Riot House: Around 12AM there were no lines to get in and Riot House is conveniently across the street from Whiskey Row. We choose Riot House based on the music we heard which plays more hip hop and rap music. As soon as we walked in a promoter approached us and offered us a FREE table and bottle! We immediately took him up on his offer. The girls came out with bride to be signs and sparklers with a bottle of champagne and vodka! I'm not sure if we just got lucky or if this is something all clubs offer regularly. We had so much fun here and stayed until closing.


Alma Scottsdale: We enjoyed margaritas and southwestern food at this beautiful restaurant located in Old Town Scottsdale! I personally got the Birria Consommé which was delicious. The server brought drinks out with sparklers to celebrate the bride to be and was more then willing to take group photos of us!

Alma restaurant in Scottsdale
@ Alma

Canal Club: Traveling plans are bound to change even with the most detailed itinerary. We never made it to the Canal Club but it was definitely on our list of places to eat while in Scottsdale! Having not tried their food I would still recommend this restaurant. It looked to have the perfect ascetic and menu but unfortunately we were running late to our lunch reservation and decided to cancel. Instead we ate our left over pizza that we ordered on our first night to hold us over until dinner. No one likes to be rushed so it worked out for the better.

Brat Haus: This was my personal favorite! Brat Haus is a chill microbrew with an amazing outdoor space featuring games like Corn Hole and Giant Jenga. It was the perfect place to go after our pedal bike tour for greasy foods such as chili fries, fried pickles, huge salted pretzels (my fave), and of course brats!


Horseback riding in the desert is a must while in Scottsdale! The trail we took into the desert was absolutely stunning, showcasing Saguaro Cactuses and mountains in the distance! I scheduled an hour long ride at Culver Creek Outfitters for $60 per person.

Horseback riding in Scottsdale
@ Cave Creek Outfitters

Throw an epic Bachelorette Pool Party and hire Cabana Boys, the ultimate party starters in Scottsdale! They showed up to our Airbnb and immediately popped the champagne, poured shots, mixed our cocktails, and kept the alcohol coming. They joined in on our party games, grilled us burgers and hot dogs, and were our personal photographers for the day. They also cleaned up and took the trash out before they left. Having the Cabana Boys at your Bachelorette Pool Party will definitely set the tone for a great time!

Scottsdale Bachelorette Pool Party
Final Fiesta Pool Party

DECORATIONS: The Bachelorette theme was Final Fiesta and this decoration set was super easy to put together and looked fabulous! Don't forget a balloon pump which is necessary to make the arch a success. The neon margarita glasses were the perfect touch to our Bachelorette theme and I have linked the products we used for your convenience!

A pedal bike tour though Old Town Scottsdale is a classic and super fun bachelorette activity. Our peddle bike was pink and had "same penis forever" party streamers! With music blasting and drinks flowing we had a blast with stops along the way.

Must visit bars on your peddle bike tour:

  • Wine Girl Scottsdale

  • 50 Shades of Rose


Planning a bachelorette party comes with keeping track of restaurant reservations, activities, general information, and more. Here are four helpful Mobile Apps that organize, manage expenses, and make things convenient for your bach party guests!

Most of the restaurants in Scottsdale do not allow you to split checks which can make keeping track of who owes who difficult for large parties. I was introduced to an App called Splitwise! This allowed all the girls to enter in the amounts they personally paid for. Splitwise then does all the work, splitting evenly between the girls and taking into account the differences too. By the end of the trip it'll tell you how much you owe each person, who owes you money, and makes it super easy to pay/receive through Pay Pal, Venmo, or direct transfer!

The Bach App made it easy to coordinate an itinerary! I was able to create polls for each of the girls to vote on which activity they'd rater do or pick which restaurant they'd be most interested in. This was helpful to put together an itinerary that suited the majority of the group. The Bach App also offers tours and activities catered to your chosen destination. We booked a bar hopping peddle bike tour through Old Town Scottsdale and had an absolute blast! *I made a Reel on Instagram of our time in Scottsdale and it actually got featured on The Bach App's Instagram page. So cool!*

Instacart helped narrow down a grocery list for the house! I planned a pool party for Saturday and needed booze and food. My sister and I picked out items and added them to our shopping cart ahead of time so all we had to do was place the order on Friday when we first flew in. It was delivered to the house quickly and best of all we didn't have to make a trip to the grocery store!

My sister created this detailed Scottsdale itinerary using Canva. The app comes with a bunch of free templates to use, fonts and fun icons. I sent the finalized itinerary to our Bachelorette Group Chat which included details of special outfit requirements, times, and even the Menu QR codes for each restaurant! Feel free to Pin this itinerary to your Pinterest to look back on.

The Best Scottsdale Bachelorette Itinerary. Things to do in Scottsdale. How to plan a Scottsdale bachelorette party.
Our Scottsdale Bachelorette Itinerary

That wraps up our Scottsdale Bachelorette Party! I hope you found this blog informational and inspiring. Leave a comment below to tell me all about your upcoming Bach Party, I'd love to hear what you have planned! Feel free to take a look at our other amazing Bachelorette Destinations.


corlu xo

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