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Keep Things Organized: The Best Packing Products List

Updated: Mar 14

The hardest part about traveling is keeping everything organized and packing correctly. Some of these items have made my travels easier and while others have just brought me joy. Once you bring these functional packing essentials with you on vacation, there's no going back!

Passport Holder with Vaccine Card Holder & Mini Pen:

The pandemic has required all of us to adapt and overcome! Having all of your important documents in one place is key to a hassle free travel day. Equipped with a Vaccine Card holder and mini pen for filling out customs entry forms, this Passport Holder is a must have!

Packing Cubes:

Organization is everything when it comes to traveling. These cubes make packing easy while keeping your clothes neat and in place during transport.

Travel Backpack:

Who doesn't love a good backpack that has a lot of compartments and storing areas. This bag will surprise you on just how much you can fit!

Compact Pill Organizer:

Perfect for a week away and small enough to though it my toiletry bag or purse. Picking a bright color makes it easy to find in your bag!

Ray Ban Sunglasses:

A good pair of sunglasses are necessary for sunny vacation days. They can make a whole outfit come to life while protecting your eyes from UV rays!

Make Up Bag:

This bag has adjustable compartments and a place to put your brushes. It's easy to find all of your make up products and keeps items in place during transport!

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen:

This invisible facial sunscreen is SPF 40 and feels weightless. It also acts as a make-up primer!

Carry On Suitcase:

Great for weekend getaways! This hard shell suitcase is easy to handle and super lightweight.

Electronics Organizer: This helps keep all of my charging cables, air pods, adapters, SD cards and other electronic gadgets all in one place.

Travel Jewelry Case:

Keep all of your jewelry in one place in this adorable velvet case. Compact, organized and just big enough to fit a weeks worth of accessories inside.

Lounge Wear:

I'm always looking for cute and comfy airport clothes. These yoga pants are flowy and breathable. They also have pockets!

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