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9 Essential Websites for Booking Travel

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Everyone wants the best deals on travel, the hard part is finding them! Over the years I have narrowed it down to 9 reliable websites that consistently offer great prices on travel. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or just caught 'the bug' these travel sites are the best at finding cheap deals and rates!

Offers affordable flights for the average traveler. Google Flights generates the cheapest, best flights from all major airlines. You purchase directly through the airlines website. No 3rd party is involved! Making it great for if you ever needed to cancel or change your flight. I can’t stress this enough, Expedia, Kayak etc. are not it, especially if you needed to change or cancel (good luck to you). I also love the 'Track Flight Prices' feature where Google sends you alerts via email whenever a flight drops in price!

This website is my reference when it comes to researching how much a flight costs in general. I use it mostly for domestic weekend getaways. This is my most frequently used website when it comes to just needing a flight.

Offers flight and hotel vacation packages to fit anyone's budget from cheap to luxury and everything in between. It gives more incentive if you have a United Credit Card this way you get extra points and perks booking your flights and hotels through their website. If you are not a United Credit Card member (like myself) this website still offers affordable vacation packages and often offers promo codes to certain destinations. I recently used this website to book my flight and hotel in Jamaica!

I have found Budget to be the most affordable car rental company when paying upfront for a reservation compared to other rental companies. Not only is Budget reliable but their website regularly offers up to 35% off! This is my go to website when a car is necessary during travel, my most recent experience using them was on our Hawaiian honeymoon!

Local car agencies can also save you a ton of money and are sometimes more convenient. It's worth lookin into! For reliable references, ask your accommodation. We rented a car locally on our trip to Curacao and it was the best car rental experience I've had to date!

This website is for flexible travelers. Travel Pirates is a website that’s only job is to find cheap flights, hotels, and vacation package deals! The catch is that the deals are only available for selected dates. I used this website to book my dream vacation to Bali, Indonesia. My flight and hotel was included for $612. Flights alone average $670-$1,500.

Calling all nomads! This website creates a multi city flight plan at the most affordable prices. I recently used this website to book flights for our honeymoon to Hawaii! Since we are island hopping, this website made it super easy curating the most efficient flight itinerary for the cheapest price

Allows you to pre-pay and reserve a parking spot near your desired destination. It's great for events where you know parking will be scarce or expensive, such as going to a concert or a night out in your favorite city! I have personally used it to save money on long term parking near LAX airport. The website promises savings up to 50%.

Search for great cruise deals from any port in the world. If you are into cruises, this is literally the only website worth looking into. It is very user friendly and is easy to navigate to find exactly what you're looking for, with filter options from cheapest to most expensive and specific cruise length times. I have never personally booked through this website, I’ve actually never been on a cruise before. It is not the style of vacation I prefer. I have found it through researching and helping others search for cheap travel.

The Airbnb of camping. Locals rent out cabins, RV’s, and plots of land on their personal property. Here you can find really unique stays for a lesser cost. I have used this website to book a campsite just outside of Joshua Tree National Park, CA. All of the campsites inside the park were booked, which was a major bummer. I still felt like I got the experience I wanted for cheaper and the campsite views and amenities itself wound up being amazing!

Hotel deals are few and far between to begin with. If you look into the hotels actual website more often than not you will find the same rates Expedia, Travelocity etc. are offering. Maybe varying by a few dollars, which is not worth it in retrospect to all the horrors I've had to deal with working as a front desk agent for a major hotel name. If you have any preference at all when it comes to bed type, do not book through a 3rd party. If your plans are not concrete, do not book through a 3rd party. If you find a rate that is significant, most major hotels nowadays offer price matching, it is worth a call directly to the hotel itself!

If you must book through a 3rd party. I've found offers lower rates more frequently than its competitors and is the best 3rd party travel site out there. Booking flight and hotel bundles save you more than booking separately.

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