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A Weekend in Joshua Tree National Park

Updated: May 15, 2023

Joshua Tree National Park, located in Southern California is known most famously for its distinct trees that cascade across the Mojave Desert: the Joshua Tree. Camping, rock climbing, and hiking are all great activities for anyone to enjoy while visiting the park.

You will have to purchase an entrance ticket for your vehicle to enter. The pass costs $30 per vehicle and is valid for a week. The park offers 800,000 acres of panoramic terrain to explore and admire!

While visiting Joshua Tree, Luke and I weren’t able to snag a camping site inside the park. They were all booked way in advance. Luckily there are other options. You could always rent an AirBNB or camp at sites outside of the park, which is what we did.

We booked our campsite through It’s like AirBNB, but for campsites! We pitched a tent and brought our own supplies. It's hot during the day and the temperature drops at night so make sure to pack accordingly.

The All Trails App is a hikers best friend. I always research an area before I go so I can plan for which hikes look best. The app gives you GPS driving directions to the trail head along with user reviews of the trail. I definitely recommend so you can check out which hikes suit your abilities and interest you the most.

**Remember if you are hiking in the desert there is always a possibility of heat stroke. Be responsible and prepared with plenty of water.

Inspired by our trip here, Joshua Tree! Uniquely created mobile presets for desert and southwestern environments.

Must Do Hikes:

This trail features an Oasis of palm trees in the middle of the desert. It also has incline and mountainous terrain! There is no shade until you reach the oasis so it was a hot and sweaty hike. We packed lunch and ate under the palms. Highly recommended!


Skull Rock is visible from the road. You can park on the shoulder and walk right up to it. There are hoards of people here, as expected. Nothing much else to see except the rock itself. It's a good pit stop for a good photo!


This hike is truly for everyone. It has relatively flat terrain, well marked, and features a lake! I really enjoyed this hike.


Plenty of boulder formations to explore and endless Joshua Trees! Sandy, flat terrain with no shade. A great introduction hike!

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