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Explore the Redwoods in 3 Days

Updated: May 15, 2023

The Redwood National and State Parks consist of protected forests, beaches, and grasslands along the Northern California Coast. Find yourself surrounded by some of the biggest trees on the planet! I can’t even begin to explain the raw beauty and majestic feeling this forest projects. You’ll just have to see for yourself!

Where to Stay While Visiting the Redwoods

We stayed in Arcata at the Hampton Inn & Suites. It’s a quaint little hipster town and is much smaller than its neighboring town Eureka. Either town offers a great location to hike the Redwoods and has everything you could possibly want as far as restaurants and nightlife.

Must Do Hikes in the Redwoods

We did James Irvine to Fern Canyon back and out. It was about a 10 mile hike. There is a shorter route to get to Fern Canyon, a much easier 1.1 mile loop. The longer hike was worth it! Spending the whole day in the forest was unforgettable. Make sure to wear proper waterproof hiking boots. There is a stream going through the canyon.

Eat at Humboldt Brews for a great selection of local beers. The brewery has a downstairs and turns into a nightclub later into the evening.

Day 2: Trinidad State Beach, Arcata Community Forest & Moonstone Beach

To get to Trinidad state beach you’ll find a short dirt trail that will take you down to the beach. Make sure to bring your own supplies of water, food and towels if you plan to hang out here for a while. The area is protected so there aren’t any shops around to buy anything. The tree line meets the ocean! It's such a gorgeous landscape.

Since we did such a long hike the day before we took it easy and went to Arcata Community Forest. You can bring your dog here, where at the national park you can not. It offers hiking trails, a playground, and an open field where people lay out on blankets tanning, some playing instruments, and others playing fetch with their dogs.

Catch the sunset at Moonstone Beach! Families brought their dogs and kids were playing in the sand. The rock formations make for great landscape photos.

Grab a slice of pizza at Don’s Doughnuts Pizza & Deli. It’s a super small place and offers little seating, but how could you not want a doughnut, slice of pizza, or a sub sandwich? Don’s has it all!


This trail is where Luke proposed to me so it is near and dear to my heart! He stopped us at this beautiful bubbling stream and popped the question! He set up the new camera on our tripod “testing out” the video feature and got it all on tape. I had no idea it was coming, such a romantic and magical moment!

Right after we got engaged we ate at Philly Cheese Steak Shoppe. Dare I say it, best Philly cheese steak I’ve ever had and a long way from Philly. Or maybe it was just the high of the engagement.

Here are my must have items while hiking the Redwoods!

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