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Weekend Getaway at Pismo Beach, Ca

Updated: May 15, 2023

Pismo Beach has a small town feel and adventure all wrapped into one! It makes for the perfect weekend getaway. This town is famously known as the clam capital of the world! It holds a Clam Festival every October that features an array of clam chowders and even a clam-themed parade.

If you're not into clams, get in touch with your wild side and go four-wheeling at the Oceano Dunes! We decided to rent from Steve’s ATV Rentals. You can rent a dune buggy or an ATV and have free range of the area to go as fast or as slow as you’d like! Obviously keeping in mind safety concerns. There is no tour or guide. It’s just you, the dunes, and adrenaline!

Take a walk down Pismo Beach Pier and enjoy the ocean! Afterwards, grab some food at the Cool Cat Café. It’s a 50’s themed diner with a Hawaiian flare and is only a 4 minute walk from the pier. Right across the street is Harry’s. Enjoy the Pismo nightlife with live music, pool, and beer.

Visit Dinosaur Caves Park and stroll around, witnessing beautiful wildflowers and sea views from the cliff side. It also has a playground that is dinosaur themed for the kiddos.

Go wine tasting at Tastes of the Valley Wine Bar & Shop. Enjoy their tasting bar for a variety of samples and customize your own flight.

The Inn at the Cove is a fancy hotel, hence we did not stay there, but we did find a tucked away beach behind the hotel. It is a small natural beach that features a cove; it was quite a romantic spot. Spend the afternoon watching the sunset into the ocean while you search for sea glass and dip your feet in the water.

We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn San Luis Obispo/Pismo Beach. It was not near the shore, but it was centrally located. It took about a 6-15 minutes to get to all destinations.

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2 comentários

Elena Presagio
Elena Presagio
31 de jan. de 2022

I would love to go four-wheeling. The ocean dunes indeed looks like the perfect place for this!

Corie Mazza
Corie Mazza
02 de fev. de 2022
Respondendo a

If you get the chance don’t pass it up! 💕

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