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St. Lucia's Top Scuba Diving Sites - Explore the Caribbean Sea!

Updated: Mar 4

There was a time when I thought a bleached reef was a healthy reef! I know, sad right? The good news is that you definitely won’t find barren or bleached reefs in these beautiful Caribbean waters and that‘s because of St. Lucia’s Soufriere Marine Management Association (SMMA). Since 1992 the program has set environmental boundaries for tourists and locals alike to protect the Island's natural habitats and famous landmarks!

The Pitons are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, bringing in tourism from all over the world to witness the magnificent mountain duo. One of the most vibrant coral reefs I’ve seen is at the foot of the Pitons! Let's jump in to St. Lucia's top dive sites!

St. Lucia piton mountains

Shout out to Chester our Dive Master from Action Adventure Divers! I couldn't recommend him and his company more. His dive shop is waterfront at Soufriere Beach Park making it very convenient boating out to dives right from there!



Among the island’s treasures are its top 5 dive sites, which cater to every diver’s dream, from exploring the haunting beauty of wreck dives to the thrill of spearfishing in designated areas, all within the backdrop of conservation efforts! Let's dive deeper and explore St. Lucia's top dive sites that make this Caribbean island a diver's paradise!


This dive site is one of my favorites located in the Bay of Soufriere. Dive between volcanic peaks that dramatically rise from the ocean floor to within a few feet of the surface! On this drift dive you will decent no more than 60ft. Lion Fish are very present at this location and are an invasive species to Caribbean waters.

Spear fishing for Lion Fish was definitely a highlight! Lion Fish are delicious, they're mild tasting and tender. Our dive master Chester filleted our catches for us back on shore to take home. We had so much meat that we were able to fry up some filets for lunch and make sashimi! It was a great feeling to be able to bring home a meal for the whole family and help the reef at the same time.


Spectacular reef located a mile or so off the coast of Soufriere Bay. On this dive you will decent no more than 50-60ft. The current can be strong making it a drift dive. Experience colorful coral and many different species of fish. This was our dive master's favorite dive site because of how diverse it can be. No matter how many times he's done it, it's always different!

spear fishing in the Caribbean


This dive gets its name from St. Lucia’s famous feature in the movie Superman 2. Where Superman (Christopher Reeves) flies over the Pitons to pick a flower for Lois Lane (Margot Kidder).

This is St. Lucia's most popular dive site and is located at the base of Petit Piton! The reef is an extension of the Piton mountain gradually sloping downward. Best done as an afternoon dive when the sun is shining. The sun lights up the coral on the reef making all the beautiful colors pop! The site is vibrant with life, the reef is healthy and in great condition. One of the most dazzling dives I’ve ever experienced and a must do while visiting St. Lucia!


A spectacular wreck dive only 60ft below! The 165ft cargo ship was sunk on purpose in 1986 to create an artificial reef that is now home to a number of different species including, lobsters, reef fish, and moray eels. The coolest part about this dive is that you can swim inside the hull of the ship making for a more exciting experience! It is located near Anse Cochon and just south of Marigot Bay.


This reef starts just 10 yards from shore making Anse Chastanet Beach a popular destination to shore dive or snorkel. Depth ranges from 20ft-140ft making this a great location for beginners or advanced divers. Home to over 150 different species, there is no lack of marine life at this dive site! If you stick to shallower waters you may encounter octopus, needle fish, peacock flounder, and turtles. At deeper depths you have a chance to witness dense coral, lobsters, moray eels, or even sea horses.

Scuba Diving in St. Lucia

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