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Relax At Bali Beach Clubs

Updated: May 15, 2023

Rest day! La Brisa Beach club at Echo Beach, Canggu & Azul Beach Club Bali, Legian Beach

Day 5 in Bali

Prices are a bit more expensive in the Canggu area because it has a more western world influence. This area caters towards healthy American cuisine more than local Balinese dishes. We ate at The Loft for breakfast in Canggu. It was a really cute place with hipster vibes.

After, we headed to La Brisa Beach Club at Echo Beach. We spent a decent amount of money here on booze! You do have to pay extra for particular seating or spend a certain amount of money on food & drinks to get a prime seat.

We did not eat here. We decided that we wanted to try The Green Spot and we walked there from the beach.

We went to Azul Beach Club at Legian Beach which is in the Kuta area. This was definitely a smaller beach club without so many people! It had a minimum spending of 500.000 IDR ($30 USD) for your own personal lounge chairs and umbrella, poolside. We ordered a few frozen drinks and 2 appetizers and next thing you know they were moving us poolside! We ate and drank like kings for next to nothing! The music wasn’t vibrating, the clientele was a little older, and it was not a party atmosphere. It was relaxing and definitely more our scene.

We walked from Azul Beach Club to Legian Beach. There were lounge chairs open with umbrellas so we sat down and claimed them. A man ran over to us and said we had to pay to use these chairs. It was 100.000k ($7 USD). We occupied the chairs until the sun started to set. The gentleman continued to bring us beer after beer.

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