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Experiencing the Magic of Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Updated: Feb 19

Every year, Munich transforms into a world of festive cheer as it hosts the legendary Oktoberfest. Known as the largest beer festival in the world, Oktoberfest attracts millions of visitors from across the globe. This celebration of Bavarian culture, beer, and festivity is not just a party; it's an experience of a lifetime!

Is it free to enter Oktoberfest in Munich
@ Entrance to Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Munich Travel Tips

  • Plan in advance, as accommodations fill up quickly in Munich.

  • You do not need to stay in the city of Munich as accommodation prices sore! Look into staying just outside the city, close to a train station to save some money.

  • Weekdays are less crowded than weekends.

  • Keep track of your belongings and be aware of your alcohol consumption.

Oktoberfest Munich Experience
@ Oktoberfest with our Chicken Hats!


Oktoberfest began in 1810 as a royal wedding celebration between Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. What started as a horse race in honor of the marriage has evolved into a global phenomenon celebrating Bavarian culture. The festival traditionally starts in late September and runs until the first Sunday in October.

Everything you need to know about Oktoberfest Munich
Met up with friends that happened to be at Oktoberfest the same day!


The beer tents are the soul of Oktoberfest! Each tent offers a unique experience, from the massive Hofbräu-Festzelt tent, known for its international crowd, to the traditional and cozy Bräurosl tent. Inside, you’ll find long communal tables, live bands playing traditional Bavarian music, and an endless flow of beer served in iconic one-liter steins!

Entrance to Oktoberfest is free! While entry is free, expenses for food, drinks, rides, and games are to be expected. You also do not need to reserve a table to enjoy Oktoberfest. Plan to visit mid-week, Sunday through Thursday, and you should be able to find free seats within the tents. Unsurprisingly, weekends see a surge in crowds so you may want to consider booking a table if you plan to visit then.

Our group of 5 visited Oktoberfest on a Thursday, opting not to reserve a table. This decision was driven by our desire to explore various tents without being bound by reservation fees. We found it quite manageable to locate available seating, allowing us to fully explore and experience different tents!

Best Large Tent at Oktoberfest Munich
@ The Marstall Festzelt Tent


Oktoberfest is also a celebration of Bavarian culinary delights. Indulge in Hendl (roast chicken), Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle), Würstl (sausages), Brezn (pretzels), and Käsespätzle (cheese noodles). These hearty dishes are the perfect accompaniment to the rich Bavarian beer!

Oktoberfest Munich Information


Embrace the Oktoberfest spirit by dressing in traditional Bavarian attire! Men don lederhosen, leather shorts with suspenders, while women wear dirndls, a bodice with a full skirt and apron. Everyone dressed the part and wearing these outfits adds to the fun of the Munich Oktoberfest experience! Luke and I purchased our outfits on Amazon and were super happy with how authentic they looked. I have linked them for you!

Where to buy German outfits for Oktoberfest


Oktoberfest isn't just about beer; it's a full-fledged fair! One of the largest I've seen in my life! Experience thrilling rides, from classic Ferris wheels to high-speed roller coasters. There are also games, shooting galleries, food stalls for days, and various attractions to ensure fun for all ages! We purchased some dancing chicken hats and it basically became my personality for the day. Haha!


Oktoberfest in Munich is more than a beer festival; it's a vibrant celebration of life, culture, and tradition. Whether you're clinking steins with new friends, savoring Bavarian delicacies, or swirling on a dance floor, Oktoberfest promises memories that will last a lifetime. Prost!

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